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Deep Healing of Fear from Another's Dominance

Mette created this Precision Healing Meditation specifically with the intention to help you heal from another's dominance.

This bundle contains two meditations that you can listen to time and again:

  • A meditation to experience deep healing of fear from another's dominance.
  • An 11-Minute daily meditation designed to help bring you into the NOW moment
  • Both meditations are accompanied by the scientifically-designed music of Dr. Jussi, who specializes in creating music that brings your heart and brain into coherence

Description of the Deep Healing Meditation:

  • Experience deep healing of fear originating from another's dominance of fear.
  • Release stored energy associated with reacting to others' fear-based dominance.
  • Embrace freedom and heightened awareness, contributing effortlessly to a shift towards love.
  • Overcome blocks to thriving and boldly see yourself and others through the lens of love and compassion.
  • Elevate relationships to their fullest potential by releasing stored fear-based energy.
  • Foster a relationship with yourself rooted in love, free from fear of others' fear.
  • Cultivate a powerful sense of freedom and confidence as you release fear-based perceptions.
  • Approach fear with deep compassion and respect, choosing love and authenticity.
  • Elevate your vibration to be fully supported in your relationship with yourself.
  • Embrace vulnerability and choose love in the face of fear, embodying your authentic self.
  • Walk with grace and awareness, continuously striving to be the best version of yourself.
  • Experience the harmonizing effects of specially produced music, enhancing your brainwave synchronization.

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