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Boost - Living An Intuitive Life

Amplify April's theme with this BOOST to personalize the experience for you. 

🔆 5-week group coaching program. 

  • Week 1 is a self-paced introduction to living the intuitive life using the EI7: 7 Days to Cultivate Epic Intuition Online Course. 
  • In Week 2, we explore the link between intuition and healthy relationships.
  •  In Week 3, we'll dive into using intuition in service of others. This can apply to your business, volunteer work, side gig, or anything else where you show up for others in mutual exchange.
  • Week 4 is all about using infusing intuition in financial matters.  
  •  We wrap up the program in Week 5's open forum. Share your experiences and deepen your understanding in collaboration with others in the group.

🔆 Learn to hear and act on intuitive nudges. 

🔆 Discover why intuition is your key to success, and how a few simple practices can strengthen your intuition.

🔆 Uncover the one simple way you might be undermining your own confidence, without even realizing it! Recognize this pattern and see the results immediately.

🔆  Explore the unique ways that your intuition speaks to you and how to strengthen it so that it becomes a reliable advisor.

🔆 Learn how intuition is different from logic, emotions and anything else.

🔆 Includes Mary's EI7: 7 Days to Cultivate Epic Intuition Online Course.