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Pure Love Consciousness Bundle

Mette created this Precision Healing Meditation specifically with the intention to help you immerse yourself in Pure Love Consciousness.

This Pure Love Consciousness Bundle contains two meditations that you can listen to time and again:

  • A meditation to immerse yourself in Pure Love Consciousness
  • An 11-Minute daily meditation designed to help bring you into the NOW moment
  • Both meditations are accompanied by the scientifically-designed music of Dr. Jussi, who specializes in creating music that brings your heart and brain into coherence

Description of the Pure Love Consciousness Meditation:

  • Be immersed in pure love consciousness. This is a very powerful experience that transform you to vibrate in higher frequencies.
  • Imagine you are here with the Presence of pure love consciousness through you, as you breathe in all the Love in the Universe.
  • You are the Purpose and there is a reason why you are here right NOW.  
  • This meditation creates an experience of high vibrational frequency, the energy that you are made of.
  • Experience deep root activation as a powerful love, an awareness you breathe all the way up in your whole spine, heart, neck, brain and beyond.
  • Bring your nervous system into a state deep state of inner calmness.
  • Your lifeforce will move through you as you allow the stillness of your spirit to arise. This is a very profound experience for your hearts expansion, and Brain coherence to be emerged in the Pure love of the Universe. Your whole being are in this beautiful summering energy. 
  • Your Brain will feel light as you fully let yourself go in this wonderful sweet spot of higher consciousness and imagine you are floating free in the Universe, embracing your deep divine rest.
  • This is from this state of being from where you activate an even higher intuition, and activate your imagination to its fullest as a portal to float through and come into a sacred temple where you feel so safe, so calm, here were you evolve into the unknown and yet so safe in this NOW Moment. 

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