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Come into the NOW Moment to Feel Calm and Energized Meditation

Mette created this Precision Healing Meditation specifically with the intention to help you feel calm and energized.

This bundle contains two meditations that you can listen to time and again:

  • A 21-minute meditation to feel calm and highly energized in the present moment.
  • An 11-Minute daily meditation designed to help bring you into the NOW moment
  • Both meditations are accompanied by the scientifically-designed music of Dr. Jussi, who specializes in creating music that brings your heart and brain into coherence

Description of the Come into the NOW Moment Meditation:

  • Activate Your Being: Feel the profound activation from your Root to your heart and brain, fostering a highly calm and creative state of being.
  • Empower Your Day: Set a foundation in the Power of NOW for your day, illuminating your light and empowering calmness.
  • Align with Universal Intelligence: Connect with the intelligence of the Universe and elevate your vibrational state for renewed energy and vitality.
  • Awaken Intuition: Immerse yourself in the pulsating heart of love within and awaken intuition for empowered consciousness.
  • Harmonize Your Brainwaves: Activate deep calmness in the last 7 minutes to gain a higher frequency and start your day with renewed energy.
  • Transformative Meditation Experience: Dive into a transformative journey to heaven on earth, right here, right now.

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