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Sleep Meditation

Mette created this Precision Healing Meditation specifically with the intention to help you sleep with your intentions, heart's desires, and visions.

This bundle contains two meditations that you can listen to time and again:

  • A meditation to experience deep sleep while aligning with your intentions, heart's desires, and visions.
  • An 11-Minute daily meditation designed to help bring you into the NOW moment
  • Both meditations are accompanied by the scientifically-designed music of Dr. Jussi, who specializes in creating music that brings your heart and brain into coherence

Description of the Sleep Meditation:

  • Experience deep sleep while aligning with your intentions, heart's desires, and visions.
  • Activate the abundant frequency of your visions to work for you as you enter the sleep state.
  • Feel empowered and connected to your love values and energizing essence.
  • Achieve a state of deep stillness and silence, accelerating your awareness towards your visions.
  • Calm your nervous system and achieve coherence between your heart and brain for overall well-being.
  • Align with the universal field and infinite particles to manifest your vision into reality.
  • Enter a hall of love, kindness, and grace within your heart, allowing you to breathe freely and connect with your inner self.
  • Activate grace in your sleep and dreams, vibrating in alignment with your vision and communicating with universal intelligence.
  • Experience profound sleep bringing wholeness to your life, with love in action and creations being manifested.
  • Enhance your imagination and intuition, gaining supportive information from the unified field.
  • Activate synchronicities to manifest your visions into reality, staying true to love and your authentic self.
  • Sleep peacefully and enjoy specialized sounds and frequencies tailored for your well-being.

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